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Do you like my shoes? 20 November 2010

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We’re learning clothes vocabulary and Anass told me he had heard a song on TV related to shoes.

Here’s the song, specially dedicated to Anass and 3rd Level groups. Ah! This song (“Do you like my shoes?) is in English and in French.


Painting snowmen 16 November 2010

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We’ve painted six snowmen for a Christmas display. We used some brushes, a lot of paint and lots of imagination. They are veeery nice!!!

First we drew the snowmen on black paper, using some chalk.snow2.JPG          snow3.JPGsnow4.JPGsnow1.JPGsnow5.JPG  We used some white paint for the snow. It’s fantastic!

snowmen.JPG        snowmen2.JPG  Look at them all together:snow6.JPG