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I’m very hungry! 28 January 2009

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-Can I have some macaroni, please?
-Here you are.
-And some salad, please?
-Here you are. Do you want some ice cream?
-Yes, please! Thank you!

cook-0011.jpgcook-0012.jpgcook-0013.jpgcook-0015.jpgcook-0016.jpgcook-021.jpgcook-012.jpgcook-013.jpgcook-015.jpgcook-016.jpgMmmmm….Delicious! Can I have some more, please? Thank you!

What time is it? 22 January 2009

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We are learning the time. Here you have two activities: a game and a question.

Play an online game, just click and have fun:

What time is it?

clock.JPG      clock2.JPG
Do you like these pictures? You can see a strange clock there! It’s a 24 hours clock. It’s in Greenwich (England) and if you observe it carefully you can answer this question:
What time is it?
Send your answers!

Other famous clocks: The Big Ben (London) and the Astronomical clock (Prague):

images.jpg astronomicalclock.jpg

Robin Hood at school! 9 January 2009

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Here are Robin Hood’s pictures. He was at school at stole money from the rich to give it to the poor. He felt in love with a beautiful Lady Marion and danced with some students…
rh09-0015.jpgrh09-0112.jpg<a rh09-0119.jpg <img rh09-0111.jpgrobin-011.jpgrobin-013.jpgrobin-014.jpgrobin-019.jpg