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Rudolph and Vixen 15 December 2008

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Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has a very shiny nose…
Rudolph is a “piñata” and he’s hanging up in the classroom.
Vixen is a red nosed reindeer and she’s got a shiny nose too…
Vixen is another piñata and she’s hanging up in the classroom too…
Children look at them but they don’t know that they’re full of sweets…
One of these days they will have a surprise! They will hit the piñatas!!!

Christmas calendar 7 December 2008

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If you like Chistmas calendars, you can open the windows every day, it’s interesting and you’ll love it:


Gingerbread houses 3 December 2008

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Here are our gingerbread houses. They are made of biscuits and sweets. Our teacher used meringue to glue the walls and the chimney. They smell and look very good. In a few days we will eat them! Mmmmm…