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We are on holiday! What are you doing? 27 June 2007

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 Natalie is going to Fantasy Island and she will swim a lot.
Yousra is in Morocco and she’s going to the beach.

Marc was in Atlanta (USA), but he is already in Manlleu now.

Olga is still in Manlleu relaxing and having fun!
Serena is going to Portaventura to have fun!port.jpg

Mercè is going to the mountains near Berga now…
…and you?

It’s summer! 25 June 2007

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beach1.jpgDo you prefer the beach… or the mountains?mountain1.jpg

Do you wear sandalssandal1.jpg

…or flip flops?flip-flop.jpg

Do you eat ice cream…ice-cream.jpg

…or popsicles?popsicle.jpg

Do you wear a sunhatsunhat.jpg

… or sunglasses?sunglasses1.jpg

Is your favourite fruit watermelonwatermelon.jpg

… or peach?peach1.jpg


For example:

In summer, I prefer the mountains, I wear sandals and eat ice cream.

I always wear sunglasses and my favourite fruit is peach.


This course is finished! 20 June 2007

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This morning the course 2006-2007 has finished. A good course.

Some years ago, the students gave an apple to their teachers to say thank you…


But today, children don’t give any apples to their teachers.

Children give a kiss, a hug or a smile. And this is very nice, this is the most important.


Learn pirate’s vocabulary! 16 June 2007

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To look like a pirate you need a bandanabandana.jpg

an eye patch eye-patch.jpga peg leg peg-leg2.jpg

a hookhook.jpg
and a pirate ship!pirate-ship.jpg