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Our Easter egg hunt 28 March 2007

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Imagine our classroom by night…it’s dark and we are sleeping…suddenly it’s morning already and on the blackboard the date is changed: 8th of April. It’s Easter! Our teacher explains that we are going to play an Easter egg hunt! It’s fantastic! There are chocolate eggs everywhere! Under the tables, in the cupboards, under the chairs,behind the cassette, on the TV … finally we eat the eggs… Delicious! There’s a magic Easter bunny in our class, and he has hidden all the eggs! See you next year!


Easter is coming soon! 20 March 2007

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We finish school days on March 30th, so Easter is coming!easterbunny.gif

Something is going to happen in the English class…but what?

An Easter basket will appear on the table?

Some chocolate eggs will be hidden under the chairs, or in the cupboards, or under the blackboard, or under the teacher’s table..???basket-bunnies.jpg
Will the Easter bunny come into the class?

Quietly? Or very noisily?bunny.jpg

What do you think?