Hake with green sauce and baby potatoes and a… Green Dog?


A few years ago my boss asked me if I had ever heard about Jeremy Clarkson, a bloke that hosts a “petrolhead” TV show and writes both for the Sunday Times and The Sun. My answer, of course, was no but since then I have seen all his TV shows, read all of his books and purchased all of his DVDs. This guy is almost unknown in Catalonia but he is really a celebrity in UK thanks to his strong opinions, his threats to environmentalists, his defence of petrol and speed… but over all thanks to his way of writing. When he writes his weekly column in the papers he always begins with some sort of story that you always wonder how the hell he is going to link it with the main subject. How can anybody link a Scots bar fight with a Saab 93? He does! Another extraordinary quality of his writing is the use of the most extraordinary and creative metaphors. “… the last time someone was as wrong as you, was when a politician stepped off an aeroplane in 1939 waving a piece of paper in the air saying there will be no war with Germany “


Some say that that hearing or reading Jeremy is like having a hysterectomy with no sedative at all! Most of them, of course, are Labour voters. He is quite a guy! He is one of the most representatives of the unpolitically correct. In Spanish some say that this kind of people is as strange as a Green Dog… and this brings me to my last wine choice.

Yesterday we decided that it was time to cook some good fish. Due to my delicate health and my small overweight it is good, from time to time, to eat some scaly food. In this special occasion –it was Monday in late July with almost no sun at all– I thought that it could be good to prepare a couple of beautiful hake loins I had in my refrigerator. Wondering how to prepare them while I was doing some gardening I decided to match colours –names of colours if I’m honest–. I was going to prepare Hake with green sauce and potatoes with a fresh Rueda white wine I had just received called El Perro Verde (Green Dog). I had also received other white wines, namely Pazo de Barrantes (an extraordinary Albariño) and a case of Mas Rodó Montonega (a unique montonega varietal that I still haven’t tasted and so I still don’t know how to marriage it), but knowing how fresh Perro Verde is we decided to go for it!

First of all I added in a mixing glass 150ml of olive oil, a quite good amount of parsley, the juice of half a lemon and half a glass of cooking white wine and crushed it until I had a partly white-greenish sauce. I salted and peppered the hake and slightly floured it. Meanwhile I fried a bit Baby Potatoes in a pan with olive oil. In a crock pot I began cooking the hake and as soon as I saw that it was almost sealed thanks to the flour I added the potatoes with all its olive oil and after a few minutes I added the sauce. 5 more minutes and that was it! Quite simple, isn’t it?


As I always do I also prepared a refreshing mix of salads with tomatoes, onion, tuna, turkey and crab spiced with strong olive oil, vinegar and a dash of Balsamic.

El Perro Verde is a typical Rueda white wine made from Verdejo grapes. It is straw coloured and very aromatic with hints of mature fruits, citrus… in the mouth is gentle and refreshing, with a slightly bitter finish that is typical of all Verdejo wines. It is a young wine made form a vineyard that is relatively young, too. The name is funny and so it is the bottle design. I think it is an authentic 21st century white wine that is easy to drink and pleasant to enjoy! And for just around 8€ a bottle is a fantastic choice.

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